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Life story
June 5, 1986


My son was born June 5, 1986, it was the year I graduated High School. I was so scared, I wasn't even able to tell my family I was pregnant. I was in denial and hid my pregancy from them for 9 months.  When I began to have labor pains I snuck out of the house and had a friend drive me to the hospital, Once I was admitted, the doctors told me that I went into false labor, however, they wanted to keep me overnight under watch. Oh Boy!!!!!!!!! How would I explain that to my mom. I made my girlfriend drive to my mothers house to confront her face to face, because I knew she would be in no condition to drive. Once she arrived at my mothers, my mom was already outside, because at this point she already realized I was not in my bed. Once greeted by my girlfriend outside, Bridget explained to her that I was in the maternity mother passed out on the lawn. She eventually made it to the hospital to find her only child, her 18 year old daughter was 9 mos. pregnant. So we had two weeks to discuss the situation before I was back at the hospital giving birth to this beautiful little boy. All the discussion came to the conclusion that the best thing for him, would be for me to give him up for adoption. After talking to the agencies and going through the process, it was my last day in the hospital and it was time to say good bye, however, I was having a hard time letting go, and took care of him the time I was in the hospital. So my mother decided that if we all chipped in we could do it, we could take him home and I can raise my son. With alot joy and tears we went home together. We had nothing for a little baby and the first night at home he slept in a little wicker basket.  It is now time to break it to the family. We called my grandmother, Anthony's great-grandmother to come over. Once she got there she immediatly went and picked up Anthony and said, in her heavy German accent, "What a cute little guy, who's baby is this?" My mother explained that it was her Great Grandson, Regina's baby. My Oma was in shock, however, in love at the same time. She and my mother immediately went out and bought everything a baby could possibly need in one big shopping trip. Anthony was our pride and joy and the first boy out of 3 generations. We Were All In Love. This is the story of my son's birth.

June 5, 1986
Born in New Jersey Mt. Holly Hospital on June 5, 1986.
February 27, 2007
Passed away on February 27, 2007.